Come One, Come All

This is more off of the topic of being modest and more focused on what’s in fashion that may be controversial. When it comes to fashion, there are many things that can be placed as controversial if mixed with religion. For example, a t-shirt or sweatshirt that says “Jesus is my homeboy,” crosses on shirts or even people wearing rosaries and saints/catholic bracelets. While religion goes beyond the bounds of Catholicism and Christianity, these are the two that are more widely shown in the fashion industry. When some people see “Jesus is my homeboy,” on something, they become offended. In a way, it makes Jesus our equal when he is not. Here’s a post on “Jesus is my homeboy.” The same goes with wearing rosaries and saint’s bracelets when you are not Catholic. Rosaries and saints bracelets are used for certain prayer traditions. For example, with rosaries, you say the “Our Father” prayer over each bead. Whichever religion you associate yourself with, no one wants to be disrespected. In this blog post, the topic of rosaries as fashion was brought to attention and there were a variety of reasons, whether those who commented agreed or not.

I believe it is easy to just wear these things as a fashion statement rather than thinking about how they offend the people who hold beliefs. Crosses, Jesus is my homeboy shirts, and rosaries/saint bracelets being abused has caused some controversy and might very well continue to.

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