About Me

Becoming the most industrious writer in independent art, one article at a time.

My name is Maxwell William Heilman. I am a 22-year-old journalism graduate of Biola University with a passion for writing about music. I have always loved this form of journalism due to my background in the catharsis of music and the writing skills I have developed. I channel this passion into reviews and editorials for publications including Culture Collide, Worldwide Underground and This Is Darkness, providing authoritative information and thoughtful opinion.


Since I first started to review my favorite albums on the iTunes store at 12 years old, it has remained my wholehearted conviction to give my readers something they would not be able to find anywhere else. I found that many genres of music did not get a lot of great coverage simply because there were not enough good writers producing worthwhile material about it. With this in mind, I set out to show the world that I could be a trustworthy voice on a multitude of musical styles.


My substantial background in music through classical training and experience in freelance gigging allows me to have a perspective on music others simply cannot obtain from the outside looking in. I can see hidden flaws, and shrouded victories. As I continue to immerse myself in the culture of people who think critically about artistic expression, I now find myself pursuing the art of critiquing the cinematic and visual arts as well. However, music has always been what I gravitate towards and what I know the most about.

Aside from my inborn passion for music journalism, I have also amassed an array of experience from several publications. You can see it for yourself in the tabs above marked Culture Collide and the Chimes. This synthesis between head knowledge and emotion has made me a unique asset to any music publication. In addition, I have also spent the Summer of 2017 as an intern at Surfline in Huntington Beach. During this time, I contributed to a news feed with brief posts about current events in the surfing community. I can be in depth with my writing, but this internship forced me trim the fat and get to the point quickly — strengthening my short-form writing. Features and news briefs alike are now within my realm of expertise in both knowledge and experience.

As an arts and entertainment journalist getting his foot in the door as a trustworthy writer, it is my goal to use this website to broadcast my compositions to the world and show my sphere of influence that I am someone who is worth working with and whose articles are worth paying attention to. Have fun exploring my world of underground music.