TEN MINUTES OR LESS: Q&A with San Jose catcher Jeff Arnold

Drafted out of Louisville in the 26th round in 2010, 25-year old catcher Jeff Arnold has quite a task in San Jose this year. He catches easily some of the San Francisco Giants’ best starting pitching prospects, including. Kyle Crick, Clayton Blackburn, Ty Blach and Edwin Escobar.

I sat down with Arnold last week to discuss the impressive pitching talent, his role as a catcher and his improved offensive play in this week’s edition of “Ten Minutes or Less.”

Rundown of Arnold’s take on best pitches from his staff:

Best fastball: Kyle Crick | video

Best curveball: Clayton Blackburn | video | interview

Best changeup: Ty Blach

Best other specialty pitch: Clayton Blackburn (sinker)

Hardest pitcher to catch: Kyle Crick video

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